Baptism Toilet Water by James F. Winter



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Baptism  by  Toilet Water by James F. Winter

Baptism by Toilet Water by James F. Winter
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Baptism by Toilet Water is Jim Winters bittersweet memoir documenting the hardship his family endured while, ironically, Jims grandparents, who exemplified Christian living, were right next door. Our home life was the furthest thing from a Christian home, yet our grandparents were the spiritual paragons we so desperately needed. Unfortunately, as long as our father remained in the picture, there was little hope. Our grandparents home served as a sanctuary, but we were still trapped.

We could see paradise from our fence, but at best we could only visit from time to time. Throughout their tumultuous childhood, the Winter children grappled with this stark contradiction of moral values between their father and grandparents, leading them to ultimately learn that good can come from bad. After high school, Jim leaves his home, believing the worst is behind him. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. As illness and death ravage the family, Jim becomes stricken with grief.

Convinced God had forsaken him, Jim becomes tormented by guilt from his past. When it seems like all hope is lost, a series of remarkable events begins to unfold in what can only be described as divine intervention. Through Jims Baptism by Toilet Water, he comes to realize that Jesus Christ is illuminating the way through it all.

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